Bahmaste Goat Yoga


*This class is capped at only 8 people per class!
Imagine looking into the eyes of an animal that connects with you in a dog ward dog or hops up on your back , helping to deepen your stretch and test your balance.

This class is for beginners to expert so it doesn’t matter if you’ve never done yoga, it is designed for everyone to connect to not only themselves but the goat.
They help de stress, they help bring back the child like joy we lose daily during our hurried life and they help keep you in the moment.

The class is designed for 2 hours the first hour is a yoga class where the goats will interact with you on a leash lead by their wranglers, as you follow the teachers poses.
The second hour is goat selfies and goat time. Wally’s favorite pose sitting on your lap taking selfies.

There are two goats per class, Wally and his baby brother will be in tow.
They are trained Nigerian Dwarf Goats who are at most 20 pounds.
On another note, goat fur is hypoallergenic so allergy sufferers really only need to be concerned about pollen from surrounding farms and green spaces.
Occasionally, a goat may poop on a mat; However, they are consistency of pebbles as they are vegan and easy to sweep up.
Very rarely, a goat may pee near you, but VERY infrequently do they do that on someone.
It is a truly fun class and the goats love the interaction.

**Also, know that every class we do The Mending Muse donates a percentage back to an animal charity , so thank you for helping us to make a difference to animals in need.




This class with these adorable goats is capped at only 8 people, so order your ticket while you still can!


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